About HCVTransmission

HCVTransmission Is Founded by Peter Buijsman

About the Founder of HCVTransmission B.V.

The inventor is Peter Buijsman. With his companies and inventions, he is committed to smart and sustainable products. He is fascinated by technology and improving it. In the eighties, he started with the development of high-performance measurement and control systems. Nowadays his companies produce equipment for the automotive industries, process industries and climate systems.

His main goal is to come regularly up with new inventions that make life less complicated for the end-user. This encloses machinery for industrial processes, building climate systems as well as developing automotive solutions.

Peter Buijsman
Giving Geared to the world

From Idea to Global Implementation

HCVTransmission B.V. from the Netherlands has developed four new types of Hydrostatic Continuously Variable Transmissions (HCVT) with a very low component count and great features.

The European patent office investigated the patent with 38 drawings and declares all 40 claims to be new on all 3 criteria: Novelty, Inventive Step and Industrial Applicability. The patent describes four variants of the Hydrostatic Continuously Variable Transmissions (HCVT), which uses a variable displacement pump and a hydraulic motor to convert speed and torque. With its special features, Geared is also a formidable competitor to manual and automatic transmissions.


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