A revolutionary Hydrostatic Continuously Variable Transmission

Geared Hydrostatic CVT is a breakthrough drivetrain technology, now patented and ready for licensing.


The HCVT has a simple but clever concept that can deliver almost unlimited torque with a minimum of parts. These benefits transcend all known CVT limitations and are much more economical.

Geared HCVT prototype

CVT transmission with many advantages

Geared HCVT is not limited to the passenger car market, but has a much broader application area.


Thanks to the innovative technology, this next-generation transmission can also be used in pumps, generators, snowmobiles, lifts, heavy trucks, trains, construction machinery, boats and ships, wind turbines etcetera.


This HCVT can easily be used to limit the starting current of electric motors, for example in electric cars.


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Minimal material use
Maximum torque
Wide application area
Minimal wear

Geared HCVT prototype demo


There are four variants of the Geared HCVT, view the other variants.

The advantages of Geared HCVT

The benefits of the technology compared to push-belt CVTs.

  • Fewer parts: expected to be around just 10% of those used in push-belt CVTs
  • Simple stable construction
  • No limits to the overall form of the HCVT, therefore unlimited user applications
  • No friction, therefore no wear
  • Force transfer not limited to 400 Nm
  • Ratio shift available at a standstill state
  • The transfer ratio is not limited to 1:7 but can easily reach 1:16 or more
  • Can be powered on the output shaft
  • Can be produced by any gearbox manufacturer

Benefits of Geared HCVT
Learn about the technical mechanism of the Geared HCVT gear pump

Geared’s wide application area

The patent describes four variants of the Hydrostatic Continues Variable Transmission, which uses a variable displacement pump and a hydraulic motor to convert speed and torque. Due to the friction principle, the torque of these CVTs is limited to 400 Newton metres.

Suitable for all motorised applications

The HCVT is not limited to the passenger car market, but can also be used in areas as diverse as pumps and generators, snowmobiles, elevators, windmills, heavy trucks, trains, construction machines and even boats and ships.

Geared HCVT puts an end to the limitations of the existing transmissions.
Eco-friendly HCVT

An eco-friendly breakthrough


The American government has expressed the wish to limit the fuel consumption of cars to 4,3 litres per 100 km by 2025. In addition to the previously mentioned benefits of Geared HCVT, this breakthrough can also contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Not only is Geared an alternative in the area of gearboxes, but it is also a serious competitor to present CVTs thanks to its high transmission ratio, limited parts and larger scope of application.


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The Geared patent licence

Geared HCVT patent drawing
Geared HCVT patent drawing